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Cestno podjetje Ljubljana, a limited liability company, was established in 1961 to provide road maintenance and protection. With time the company evolved into an important builder of roads and other infrastructural elements. As the company has demonstrated its ability to construct motorways, it has also taken part in motorway network construction in The Republic of Slovenia since 1994.

 Today, the company’s main business activities encompass construction of all types of infrastructural elements (roads, rail roads, airports, etc.), reconstructions, renovations, routine maintenance of roads including winter service, development and production of asphalt mixtures, processing of construction waste and their reuse. At the moment, the company maintains approximately 850 kilometres of state roads for Directorate of the Republic of Slovenia for Roads and additionally about 500 kilometres of communal roads for the Municipality of Ljubljana and several other municipalities.

On January 12th 1999 the company changed its structure into a joint-stock company. That the company’s business activities have always been of priority was confirmed with the acquisition of the ISO 9001 quality standards system certificate.

Dedicated work by all employees, an orientation towards a common goal, and continuous development are constants of the company’s advancement ensuring a successful approach to future challenges.


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